July 22, 2020

Evolving Figure

Dear Figure clients,

That it’s already July is truly mind-boggling. Before we dive into anything else, we hope you are well. We know navigating this new era of sales and hospitality is front of mind for many of you, please reach out if we can help support your efforts.

It’s a tense time for the world, we have all been feeling it. Nonetheless, we don’t want to disregard what has been good this year. We have fortunately been healthy and busy working on some great new projects, but have missed the privilege of sitting deskside with you or grabbing drinks and bites to talk shop.

Last week we released an updated website for Figure. There is some very fine print at the bottom of the page we’re really excited about: Figure is a technology product built by Offset to advance wine commerce.

Reflecting these past few months, we realized because of the multi-faceted nature of our business, we’ve rarely taken the opportunity to convey what we do and how we are structured.

To put it simply:

Offset is a brand design and technology company serving the wine industry and Figure is the commerce product we built ourselves.

Even though we’ve often referred to Offset and Figure separately, they are deeply intertwined. We know that the hub and spoke approach common in this industry can certainly check the functionality boxes, but we’ve found that innovation is best executed when a team is in fact a team. Over the past 10 years, we’ve organically found ourselves increasingly using design in tandem with technology. This integration is what excites us and what enables us to deliver more for our clients.

As a natural progression of this, at the start of the year, Byron Hoffman and I partnered more closely as Co-CEOs, and removed the last vestiges of silos around the Offset (brand design services) and Figure (commerce product) teams. The Figure website is the tip of the iceberg of a much more significant rethinking and redesigning of the Figure commerce product – we will be rolling out new features and functionality throughout the year. Our company has grown in both headcount and capabilities, and we’re excited for you to get to know our full team. 

We look forward to connecting soon!

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